Learn For Life WA

Learn for Life is extremely proud to announce our new blog. We will be using this blog to update our happenings, and to showcase some of the work that we going to be doing throughout Western Australia.

For those who are unaware of us, we are Learn For Life WA. Learn For Life has existed now for over 10-years, and in that time, we have helped to positively contribute to the lives of thousands of small, young aged children all across Australia. As we continue to receive support from both the government and the local communities, we are now expanding to Western Australia to continue to provide an enhanced service.

We have numerous supporters who have helped us to expand, by providing us with the funds needed to rapidly expand our offerings. It is these supporters who have continued to stay with us through thick and thin, and have helped us to hire full-time carers.

Learn For Life primarily specialises in the caring of children who are suffering from a bad time at the hands of their family. Whether this be domestic abuse, mental abuse or simply living in the poverty line, we aim to help provide specialist care, funding and grants to families to help everybody, regardless of age or lifestyle, to live a meaning life. Unfortunately, many of the families we work with feel let down by the system, let down by the Australian government and let down by their local communities. It is these families that Learn For Life works rigorously around the clock to identify and provide immediate support to.

A local community dedicated to helping children learn